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Love in the Raw

I have been back and forth trying to find a place for my identity within my brand for people to get to know me amidst not being in relative community. So here I am in an attempt to be a human on the machine. Here is an unbiased perspective about what my eyes see. And when i say unbiased i'm meaning you. I ask that if you come here to judge, peace be with you because i don't care. I'm here for those who are shameless through knowing who they are, and constantly reinventing themselves so that they evolve with time and mass. Welcome friends, a place that isn't quite THE world, but A world.

In this world are a few people, places relative to the masses, but also very adjacent and abstract; And me, many faces, garbs of glory, triumph, PAIN, and the joy of having kids. Here, there is an appreciation for the ability to BE. Be you, be human, be great, be loved, be hated, be vain or kind. Here we have choices and much desire for change (whatever that is) and faith (whatever you want it to be).

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