• Lyn

31 for 31

Updated: Oct 28

This year for my birthday i wanted to embrace myself. So instead of allowing people to celebrate my birthday in a way that they wanted, which is fine. This time i wanted to know what it felt like to do what I wanted. So the majority of my adult birthdays have been filled with activities people thought i should partake in for MY birthday. Kind as it may, the result was me spending the last 3 years in complete exile on my birthdays because i simply didnt know how to celebrate myself. Also i believe i celebrate myself often, so going all out would just be over kill because i nurture the fuck out of myself.

This year I wanted to create for myself as a gift to myself. I spend most of my days sewing away for others bringing out the confidence in so many throughout the year. I create for myself on occasion but never just to have a wardrobe that reflects my personality, style, and charge.This year, i plan to create 31 looks that speaks to who i am and the journey in which ive been on for my life. For this collection i wanted everyone to see me. And i share myself i feel, but the bit of myself that easily digestible and inviting. With this collection i want everyone to see ME. Sexy, edgy, shameless, fearless, and happy. Genuinely happy with the woman i have become along the many upturns and down sides to my journey.