1990 LLC, 1990 BY S.Claxton, is a brand that aspires to be a place for any one with a need for all things creative. All products are handmade by Sharlyn Claxton. Sharlyn is a descendant of the West Indies, raised in New Orleans where she discovered her passion for the arts. Not limited to fashion, we offer all things that Sharlyn is passionate about.  


Why 1990?

The 1990 is the birth year of Sharlyn, and also what influences her art , and drives her forward. the 90's acts  as a catalyst for change in fashion, music, and media, and shaped how many of us perceive the arts and world today.

1990 is a brand that believes in quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. we would like to thank you for vibing with us.


"a connection through art  is the gateway to soul, so allow me to open my curtain so you all can have a peek. "